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Canvas Creative Arts Magazine is a Bloomington, Indiana based publication that accepts the best visual and written work from undergraduate and graduate students at Indiana University. In addition to the hundreds of copies we distribute each semester, Canvas also curates the IMU Gallery in the Indiana Memorial Union and puts on various creative arts related programs and events. The director of Canvas Creative Arts Committee is Ria Rebein, and the 2019 Canvas director will be Alex Ruschman.

The first issue of Canvas Magazine was published in 1997. It began as a short, black and white newsprint release that was sent out with the Indiana Daily Student, IU's newspaper. Canvas gradually evolved into a more elaborate, more substantive magazine featuring both art and written work. In the spring of 2007, Canvas became its own Union Board committee and was directed by Alfonso Lerma. Today, Canvas is a full-color, perfect bound, 80-100 page magazine accompanied by a highly anticipated release event each semester to unveil the newest issue.


This year, we have chosen to switch over to an annual publication. We will still work based on a fall/spring semester submissions period, but after the fall semester we will post our selected works to our website and at the end of the spring we will compile the full year's selections into one publication. Each work within our publication is the property of the author or artist and may not be reproduced without his/her permission. The views represented in the magazine are not necessarily those of Canvas, Union Board, the Indiana Memorial Union, or Indiana University. 

With a goal of unifying the IU Bloomington campus, we encourage you to read on and look critically at our selected works. Thank you for taking interest in Canvas & keeping the culture of student art alive.

“Canvas is a celebration of the arts community, both the artists and those who appreciate their work. While I love the way art functions for me individually, at Canvas, we thrive on the role art plays as a communication between people. Amongst other things, art is a vehicle to examine our shared humanity, and I hope that these issues of Canvas serve as a vehicle to examine our shared art.”

– Daniel Harting, 2012 Canvas Editor

Interested in having your written or visual work featured in this year's Canvas?

The committee meets every Tuesday at 7:00PM in the Union Board Office, located on the second floor of the Student Activities tower in the IMU.

If you have any questions, would like to contact us, or want to join the committee, email us at